Rigid, Rigid Flex and Flex Circuit Board fabrication

Rigid, Rigid Flex and Flex Circuit Board Fabrication

Rigid PCB is the fundamental electronic part to electronic item in present market. It can be separated into single layer, Double layers and multilayer. Rigid PCB has numerous considerate mindset like high thickness , high reliability, designable, producibility, testability, Composability, Maintainability. Inflexible PCB has generally minimal effort than other PCB items furthermore has great execution, this is the reason it is broadly utilized as a part of electronic items.

  • 1 to 20 layers
  • 3 working days quick turn for prototype
  • FR-4, Hi-Temp FR-4, FR-5, Polymide, Aluminium, Rogers material
  • Impedance control, Blind and Buried via holes, BGA, HDI PCB
  • Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Hard Gold flash, Gold fingers,
  • HAL(Lead free) finish
  • Flying Probe test, Fixture test

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